It’s been 5 days since I popped the blood senor onto my arm, and it’s fair to say that I’ve become a little bit obsessed with this marvellous gadget. I’ve been reading with the interest my glucose levels and combining this with learning facts about blood sugar, the gut and body responses to food in the ZOE App 💛

Following my #ZOE Test Day on Monday, I have been eating ‘normally’ for the last three days, which will enable the App to record my usual responses to the foods that I regularly eat. This information will be checked by experts and will help form my final results. 

Today, I embark on the first of five blood sugar challenges, which will last the remaining ten days that I wear the sensor. These challenges will teach me in ‘real time’ how different factors impact my blood sugar levels. Basically, what you eat and your own unique biology have a big impact on these responses. These challenges are optional, but why wouldn’t you want to know how small tweaks in your diet can help you avoid large blood sugar spikes?   

So, my first meal of the day was a plain bagel (high carb food) to establish if all calories are equal. Then I fasted for three hours before checking my blood sensor and completing the reflection quiz – then I ate normally for the rest of the day. Tomorrow (after fasting again for a minimum of 8 hours), I will eat an avocado (high fat/protein food) and again fast for three hours, before taking another scan of my sensor and answering a few questions. Day three of this challenge will see my combing the bagel and the avocado, and on day four, it will be the bagel combined with 30 minutes of exercise i.e. a brisk walk. Finally, on day five of this challenge, I will eat the avocado and then the bagel. Doing this will provide valuable information that in the future will help me choose the foods that I love and make them work for me. 

(Don’t worry if you don’t like 🥯 and 🥑 there are a number of foods on the list that you can choose from)   

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