A transformative four-day experience for women navigating life after cancer
The Reimagined Life™ is an exclusive four-day retreat, by KORA Coaching and Therapy (Fiona Stimson) which has been designed to recognise and understand the challenges that are faced when you have finished your primary treatments and find yourself in a place that you perhaps no longer recognise or feel comfortable/safe in.
Life post-treatment is a time of enormous change and adaptation, where difficult emotions may linger. This retreat experience is a catalyst for recovery and offers all you need to live a life that works for you, with purpose and passion.
Maybe you ...
- recognise the emotional impact of your experience is even greater than the impact on your body 
- have started to heal after treatment, and recognise it's time to put yourself first
- feel alone and unable to be honest about how you feel with those closest to you
- are living in a constant state of fear and anxiety
- recognise that you need to process what has happened in a safe and productive way and need help to do that
- want to make changes to some aspects of your life, but challenging emotions are keeping you stuck in the status quo
- are a slave to your emotions and are finding it exhausting, overwhelming and paralysing

If you’re seeking help to turn those emotions into positive energy for your overall well-being, you’re in the right place.
Join us, in a warm and welcoming space, where you feel safe to be vulnerable, and where you can be open about your thoughts and feelings,
alongside a community of likeminded women.

Gain fresh perspectives that move you from fear to fulfilment. Learn to trust your own choices, and your body, so that you feel safer in your own skin.
Break new ground, start to focus, set intentions and take action in support of yourself.

This is it … this is your time …
With our expert team to guide you, we work together to unearth deeper meaning and purpose, step you gently through the uncomfortable, to reconnect you with your inner wisdom and magic, and welcome yourself home.
We understand the challenges you face. We believe this is a unique opportunity to shed what’s no longer needed and step boldly into a newfound sense of lightness and liberation.
We want this to be a great experience for you, and our onboarding process includes a 90-minute pre-retreat personal coaching session with Fiona, where you can get to know each other, and she can learn more about your main challenges.

(A donation is made to the Pink Ribbon Foundation for every place booked).

To find out go to - www.koracoachingandtherapy.co.uk

If you have any questions, email [email protected]