Delighted to have singer, songwriter @jamiehannah performing at #PINKLondon2023 and supporting the Pink Ribbon Foundation 🎀

Get your tickets now and join us for a beautiful evening underneath Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and help us support those living with a breast cancer diagnosis - via

With a spectacular vocal range spanning four octaves Jamie Hannah, earned a prestigious scholarship in voice from the Royal College of Music and is now fast becoming a respected singer/songwriter in the contemporary pop music arena both sides of the Atlantic.Jamie seamlessly blends his classical and operatic training with his passion for pop music, resulting in a unique and eclectic sound that draws influences from both revered 17th century composers, such as Monteverdi and Handel, and contemporary icons including Freddie Mercury, MIKA, Coldplay and Adele all mixed in with touches from many other musical genres.  

An intuitive lyricist and multi-instrumentalist, he has a gift for crafting genuine, raw, and emotionally charged lyrics that explore the raw complexities of life, love, friendship, and society today.  He offers a profound and relatable perspective on the world through the piercing eyes of youth.  Poignant and captivating, his music portrays his personal experiences and struggles, inviting the listener to accompany him to self-discovery and enlightenment.  Since relocating to California, Jamie has further enhanced his artistic vision, infusing his music with a newfound perspective of clarity, authenticity, and maturity. Collaborating with a diverse range of songwriters and producers, he has expanded his creative horizons and pushed the boundaries of his eclectic sound - while staying true to his LGBTQ+ identity and using his lyrical skills to advocate for greater acceptance and inclusivity.

It is a pleasure to finally have him perform for all those attending #PINKLondon2023

Sponsored by @vendulalondon, @brewin_dolphin, @oceansprayuk, and @avepoint🙏