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Hi everyone! This is something extremely close to my heart. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer during breast cancer awareness month this October 2020 in my 20s. Myself along with five other women I know of, in my age group, had been diagnosed this year and we are not alone. Together with the help of amazing doctors, surgeons, charities, research, treatment centres and therapists we can help, support and save more lives. 

Please help me in supporting others who have been through similar experiences and remember; those of you going through it, you are not alone. This January I will be completing 30 mins a day of exercise and document what I will be doing whether it's walking, Pilates, lifting weights, a virtual class etc. Happy for nominations of exercise/ recommendations also. 

Natalie's Updates
HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, repeat

It's two weeks since finishing radiotherapy, I've been more motivated to complete my daily exercises as the more you do, the less side effects you have! I've only had minimal fatigue but nothing too drastic yet! 

Over the past few weeks I've taken part in morning HIIT training, yoga evening classes, booty barre classes and Pilates. On the weekend it snowed and I even managed a snowball fight and hike, which definitely got my blood pumping! 

Only a few more sessions left and lots planned. I'm forever grateful for exercising, releasing endorphins and pushing myself to complete them for such an amazing cause as well as my general health and well-being🤩💕

I can't thank you all enough for your generous donations and kind comments, I really am grateful.

Much love,



Hi everyone! Just over halfway through January's 30 day challenge and I'm loving it so far! I've walked ALOT! Pilates, barre, home workouts and stretch classes have all been added to my daily exercise regimes and I've explored new routes around my local area in the rain, hail, frosty mornings and winter sun✅

My body is definitely feeling the burn but Epsom salt baths and the stretch classes have been helping drastically. If there's an exercise class/sport you'd like to nominate me for let me know (obviously given the circumstances)! Today is a barre class and in prep I'm stretching and relaxing 💪🏻🤸🏽‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️

If you are yet to donate, the link is on my Instagram profile page💕 thanks to those of you who are continuing to support me. Much love to you all🥰




Romeo done!

Yesterday was an overwhelming day! I completed my last day of radiotherapy!!! So thrilled it's done after 4 weeks of daily sessions. Exercising has dramatically helped my wellbeing and in my opinion has reduced my side effects by staying active! 

I did a Pilates full body 45 minute class yesterday and today was a home workout provided by genesis care! I'll be very achy tomorrow so an Epsom salt bath is on the cards!

Lastly, I am truly grateful for everyone's donations and passing the £2,000 halfway through the month! Hoping to double this if I can as that would be absolutely amazing and for such a wonderful cause! 

Sending love, 

Nat x

Weekend strolls

My first full week of exercising and I feel good!! This weekend I walked a total of 5 hours over 2 days and it was so worth it. Lots of calories burned, energy levels up and by the end of it sore legs!

Today was my penultimate session of radiotherapy, one more to go and I'm done!! 20 sessions down and one to complete 🙌🏼🙌🏼 

My home workout provided by Genesis Care included a little bit of upper body and legs focused. No doubt I'll have DOMS tomorrow but I'm glad I completed it✅

Tomorrow is a virtual Pilates class.. will post an update midweek.

Sending love, healing and health all around the world🥰 CANT THANK EVERYONE ENOUGH FOR MY DONATIONS❤️❤️

Home workout & walk

7 days in!!! Woop! Today I did a 20 minute home workout which consisted on rebuilding my upper body strength and abs. Definitely have DOMS from yesterday's Pilates but feeling good! Also took Gio for a 40 minute walk and it was 0 degrees. BRING ON THE SNOW!


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