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Skin Bureaux
Skin Bureaux
Skin Bureaux
Skin Bureaux

Skin Bureaux

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Skin Bureaux has been developed in Britain by leading aesthetics doctors, Dr Charlotte Woodward and Dr Victoria Manning. They are pioneers in their field, international speakers and aesthetics trainers. And being former general practitioners, their goal was to allow consumers to navigate the modern world whilst looking after their skin and the environment.  

Skin Bureaux has formulated a capsule range, which represents a new evolution in skincare using both CBD & CBG. These innovative formulas can help influence the way the body repairs and regenerates the skin to help reduce ‘inflammaging’. The ‘super-power’ of Skin Bureaux is Cannabigerol (CBG), which delivers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and skin health-boosting activity. It is celebrated as the ‘mother of all cannabinoids’ as it is the plant precursor of Cannabidiol (CBD), and the rarest cannabinoid produced by plants.  

Skin Bureaux challenges the status quo in the world of cosmeceutical skincare, breaking new scientific ground, and is a source of inspiration for the most powerful anti-ageing results.

The range includes:

  • Super defence day serum
  • Rescue and Relieve probiotic Anti-inflammatory moisturiser  
  • Bright and Tight Eye cream
  • Rest and reset night cream  
  • Youth boosting Body Souffle  

We are delighted that the Pink Ribbon Foundation will receive a donation from each product sold within the Skin Bureaux range.

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