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James's Story

I have been running half marathons for 7 years now in an attempt to maintain a respectable level of fitness and not be a fat lad. I have been building towards a full marathon and it has been one of my life time goals to complete this feat before I am 40! So, I applied to London thginking I had no chance of getting in and boom - ballot place confirmed at the 1st time of asking. This made me very excited and very scared all at the same time! WOW i've got some training to do to get ready for this bad boy lol !

Roughly around tbhe same time, I recieved a message from one of my oldest and best friends Grant saying he needs to talk to me. Fearing the worst, I called and him straight away and he delivered the terrible news that his beautiful wife and my darliung friend Mel has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer! Devastating, but the intitial op has gone well and they are very confident they have caught it early. She is now going threough the gruelling process of radiotherapy as a precaution and having a rough time to say the least! But she is tough as nails and will beat this I am sure!!

So, there was no other option - I had to combine this life time goal with raising money for a wonderful charity that help people like my mate Melly. So dont be tight - I am gonna train my nuts off for 5 montns, not drink for 4 months (from Jan 1st) and introduce 3 days per week veggie in to my diet! SO, the least you can do is chuck in £20 to help me smash my target of £1500 for this amazing charity.

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