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Whether newly diagnosed with breast cancer or post treatment, we want to share with you the products and services which some women have found to be helpful.  We would love to hear from companies who offer something which may be beneficial or from ladies who have recommendations, please CONTACT LISA ALLEN:

helpful products & services

HIDDEN by Annabel Chown – published by Blue Door Press

Annabel lies awake in the early hours after a night partying. She’s not worrying about how to get rid of an unsuitable man in her bed, but what to do about the hard lump she’s found on her left breast.

An absorbing story of what happens when life swerves in unimaginable directions.

At the age of thirty-one – a successful architect and a single Londoner – Annabel is diagnosed with breast cancer. Overnight, her quest for love turns into a fight for life, and more. Plunged into a world of treatment, which she keeps hidden from all but those closest to her, she learns a new way of living in London, a city whose moods and seasons reflect her own.

Hidden is a memoir of great courage and determination, told with wry humour and an architect’s eye. The story of how Annabel rebuilds her future will bring hope to anyone who has been forced to radically change direction in life.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Annabel Chown was born in London and read Architecture at Cambridge University. She has worked as an architect in Berlin and London, and currently teaches yoga in London. Her writing about breast cancer has been published in The Daily Telegraph and Red magazine.

Available now in paperback from Amazon

Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Charity Crystal Brooch

Wear your support:

Show your support for the Pink Ribbon Foundation (Reg. Charity No. 1080839) and support those living with breast cancer.  This stunning crystal pink ribbon brooch is fully covered with three rows of dazzling crystals in clear (diamond), pale pink and dark pink.  Length 3.5cm and width 2cm.

100% profits from the sale of each brooch sold help the Pink Ribbon Foundation to support those living with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Available now via eBay:

Or by sending an email to:

BelleTurban is a growing fashion brand that specialises in designing and manufacturing turbans and scarves. Their mission is to offer customers a way to identify and maintain their distinctive styles. BelleTurban pride themselves on their expertise and commitment to deliver exclusive, high quality and fashionable products.

All products are 100% designed and manufactured in Spain, fulfilling European technical regulations, offering the highest levels of comfort and adjustment creating the perfect fit, while incorporating latest fashion trends in every collection. All fabrics have been carefully selected based on their quality, breathability and anti-allergic properties, choosing natural fibres such as bamboo, viscose or cotton.

Customers are the greatest source of inspiration to BelleTurban and they strive on encouraging femininity, elegance and individuality through a varied assortment of customisable models. Their creativity allows them to continuously explore new patterns and designs and further develop a growing palette of products. Choose yours at

BelleTurban products highlight your inner radiance and are best worn with a smile! #beautyisonyou

Created by leading cancer doctors, is a 10-part video course intended to re-empower patients and their families after diagnosis.  The videos provide vital information for patients / families and focus on answering the number one question asked of oncologists: “what can I do to help myself?”.  The correct answer is “a lot” but that is not always the response patients receive.

The videos demystify cancer by explaining in easy to understand terms what it is, how to think about it and what patients / families can do alongside their medical team to help.  Particular focus is given to diet, exercise and stress management as emerging evidence indicates that these factors are fundamentally important.

“The video course is 50% discounted for Pink Ribbon users – use code ‘pinkribbonfoundation’ at checkout.”

Go to to access the video course.

You can also find on Facebook and Twitter (@curve_life).

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation DVD

Following treatment for breast cancer many women experience problems with shoulders, neck and back including lack of function, movement and strength. These issues can occur soon after treatment or develop over time.

This Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Programme will guide you through exercises that have been designed to improve your posture, range of movement, shoulder and upper back strength, redress the balance in your upper body and reduce the risk of Lymphoedema.

This step by step guide is broken down into short workouts that will allow you to take control of your recovery and give you the confidence to continue your rehabilitation at home.

Ladies who have completed the programme have reported a greatly improved range of movement with less tightness around their scars and a reduction in pain and discomfort, enabling them to get back to doing what they enjoy.

The DVD is priced at £15 and available to purchase from and £1 will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation for every DVD sold using our unique code: pink-ribbon-donation

Victoria Derbyshire book

‘I can’t bear not to be with these three most important people in my life. I can’t bear not to be there alongside Mark as my children grow up. My bright, funny, affectionate boys who are never embarrassed to say, “love you mummy”, and say it ten times day.’

Renowned as a much-loved and highly respected BBC journalist, Victoria Derbyshire has spent 20 years finding the human story behind the headlines. In 2015 she found herself at the heart of the news, with a devastating breast cancer diagnosis. With honesty and openness, she decided to live out her treatment and recovery in the spotlight in a series of video diaries that encouraged thousands to seek diagnosis and help.

Victoria has kept a diary since she was nine years old and in DEAR CANCER she shares her day to day experiences of life following her diagnosis and coming to terms with a future that wasn’t planned. From the moment she woke up to find her right breast had collapsed, to telling her partner and children, through to mastectomy and chemotherapy. From wearing a wig to work and hiding it from her colleagues, to the relief and joy of finishing treatment before immediately flying to Glasgow to present a debate on the European Referendum.

By sharing her story, she became the person that mums, daughters, sisters, husbands, boyfriends and family members contacted to thank as they tried to find ways to cope with their own and their loved ones’ prognosis and needed to know that they were not alone.

Victoria’s story is an affecting and at times heart-breaking one, but it is so often laugh-out-loud too. Moving, wonderfully heart-warming and ultimately uplifting, this is a powerful account of a brave struggle told with honesty, courage and emotion that gives strength to anyone touched by cancer.

Published by Orion Publishing Group RRP £9.99 (paperback) available via Amazon, click here

Garance is a French brand that offers post mastectomy lingerie and swimwear for breast cancer survivors. Cécile Pasquinelli decided to create the brand after she was diagnosed with the illness herself. During her treatment, she experienced the same frustration all women affected by cancer face: the loss of their feminity. She wanted to offer something unique to women, to give them both lingerie and swimsuits to make them feel pretty. Garance sells fashionable swimwear and lingerie for women who have been affected by breast cancer. All of their collections are comfortable, featuring the characteristics necessary to support breast prosthesis and are also colourful, trendy and beautiful.  Garance customers like the fact that all of the lingerie and swimwear is wireless but still provides proper support. Swimwear is also chlorine and UV resistant and with the lingerie range there is a cotton collection using Supima cotton which is a more resistant with a softer fiber, while the Lycra fabric makes it breathable and comfortable all day long.

E-shop :

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‘The original bamboo Hospital Bra is a post-surgical antibacterial fibre concept compression bra, with unique support and ultra-comfort meaning that it can be worn immediately after breast surgery.

Post-Operative Compression Garments are a vital part of the recovery process. A high quality, properly fitted post-operative compression garment can aid in body contouring and skin retraction while helping to reduce swelling and flushing your body of potentially harmful fluids. Compression cups are also very important for your comfort. In addition to help reduce swelling immediately after the procedure; the compression provided by the garment makes you much more comfortable during the healing process. These compression cups are also designed to help shock absorb the tenderness and pain you may incur after surgery. These bras have been worn and tested by real women after having surgery.

For every Hospital Bra sold, £5 is donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation to help fight breast cancer.

Twitter @hospitalbra

Hummingbird Lingerie holds a unique collection of luxurious intimates specifically designed for women post-surgery. We are a new and innovative brand changing the way women experience lingerie post-surgery.

Inspired by a breast cancer survivor Hummingbird focuses on sheer comfort, the luxurious feel of a perfect fit with absolutely no compromise on style. We aim to bring back confidence, femininity and re-empower the women that need it most.

Handmade in London, each piece is skilfully handcrafted with the finest fabrics designed for lightweight exquisitely fitting lingerie. We understand that no journey is the same, and offer a bespoke service tailoring each item to your every need.

Prices start from £27. Shop our Pink Ribbon collection online, donating 20% of profits


Twitter @HBirdlingerie

Instagram @hummingbirdlingerie


The cancer journey attacks everything that makes women feel feminine and can undermine your self-confidence, so it’s imperative to have items available which make you feel whole again.

As a breast cancer survivor, Pauline found the cost of post-surgery bras, wigs etc quite extortionate and it became obvious that some women would not be able to afford the prices asked so, after reconstruction, she came up with the idea of recycling now unwanted items such as bras and wigs and selling them at very reduced prices online.

What to do with the money? Well, some is taken for overheads and at least 50% of the amount charged to customers is donated to breast cancer charities.

Pauline believes that every woman on their cancer journey has the right to look and feel as ‘normal’ as possible and she hopes that Imyj will enable this to happen.


Ms Pomelo are a UK lingerie brand with one goal: to let fuller-chested women feel the freedom of comfort and confidence with a beautiful well-fitting bra. They make beautiful and comfortable everyday bras for fuller-chested women, especially sizes 38C+, which are traditionally scarce. Ms Pomelo bras make women open their shoulders, stand tall, put them into a good mood, and make them feel they can conquer the world.

They also provide education about bra health to enable women to choose well for themselves. The knowledge that they teach empowers women. It also stimulates social engagement as it revives the tradition of sharing and fostering relations with family and friends.

Ms Pomelo sell through their website and free workshops and also ship free Fit Kits that allow women to accurately establish bra size, as well as touch the materials that the bras are made of.


Twitter @Ms_Pomelo_Bras


Myogenes is an advanced molecular diagnostic company centred on personalised health and genetic testing. The company is UK based and situated in London. Their mission is to bring and develop the field of Personalised Medicine to the United Kingdom, focusing on personalised genetic testing. They work jointly with medical doctors, genetic experts and with genetic laboratories located worldwide. Myogenes distributes genetic tests through doctors’ clinics and directly to patients’ homes. They provide full and personal support to their patients and doctors via professional experts. There is no more ‘one size fits all’ – this is personalised medicine, where your body determines what works.

Although harmful mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 are responsible for breast cancer in nearly half of families with multiple cases of breast cancer and up to 90 percent of families with both breast and ovarian cancer, mutations in a number of other genes have been associated with increased risks of breast and/or ovarian cancers.

Myogenes offer a breast cancer test that can identify 15 types of genetic mutations that increase the risk of breast cancer, including BRCA1, BRCA2 and PALB2.  Detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages significantly increases your chance of successful treatment.

(Disclaimer – any action you take upon this testing is strictly at your own risk – the Pink Ribbon Foundation does not endorse Myogenes or its partners and has not tried/tested their services).   

For more information and to arrange testing, please go to:




Scars of Hope, Ejiro Ideme

Breast cancer survivor, Ejiro Ideme bares all in her debut book ‘Scars of Hope’ where she shares her breast cancer story in the hopes that it will be a source of inspiration and faith for other women battling the disease.

Nigerian born London based accountant, Ejiro Ideme was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2012. During a traumatic 14-month battle she felt the Lord tell her to write a book and share her experience – even with the risk of being stigmatised within the Nigerian community, particularly as a single woman.  Scars of Hope is a selfless yet self-reflecting book that sees a passionate worship minister’s faith tested in the darkest hours as her world is turned upside-down.

A self-published author, Ejiro wrote the book in the midst of her treatment. She says: “I’m glad to write even from my place of struggle and faith during treatment to encourage you that you can go through Iife strong if you put your mind to it. Dare to be optimistic even in your darkest moments. Make your challenges count by bringing hope to the hopeless.”

Since the release of the book in 2014, Ejiro has been passionate to support women going through breast cancer by sharing her story with others, offering advice and speaking out about her story – something she believes is her mandate for this time.

Scars of Hope is available for purchase on Amazon:

“Ticking Off Breast Cancer is a candid, thoughtful account of the way Sara dealt with a breast cancer diagnosis. She is one impressive woman.” – Victoria Derbyshire

Previously an expert multi-tasker in her capacity as a busy, married, forty-two-year-old mother of two, and part time lawyer commuting into London, Sara managed her life by to-do list after to-do list. However, when breast cancer appeared on her list, Sara’s life was thrown upside down and she had to make a few changes.

With the combination of medical appointments, scans, and harsh treatment, Sara’s dignity, grace and composure all flew out the window, but she did retain the ability to get herself organised and make a few lists to help her through the treatment. Armed with a multitude of shopping lists, to-do lists and checklists, she made it through eighteen months of gruelling cancer treatment to the other side, where, for the past couple of years, she’s been basking in the glow of hair regrowth, new eyebrows and a renewed love for life.

Ticking Off Breast Cancer is a chronological narrative of Sara’s life from the day of her diagnosis and throughout her treatment. It follows Sara as she deals with the physical, emotional and mental challenges thrown at her by cancer and provides an honest insight into the treatment given to a breast cancer patient together with the impact that this has on someone’s life.

By sharing many of her to-do lists in the form of checklists at the end of each chapter, Ticking Off Breast Cancer provides thoughtful, helpful advice for every step of the way.  Whether read as a companion for someone going through cancer treatment themselves, or as a guide for someone with a loved one or friend going through cancer treatment, Ticking Off Breast Cancer provides support and encouragement throughout.

The book accompanies Sara’s website of the same name, which provides practical help and support for those going through breast cancer treatment.

Pre-order Ticking Off Breast Cancer today direct from the publisher Hashtag Press  for a speedy delivery.


Twitter @Tickoffcancer

Instagram @tickingoffbreastcancer

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