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The Pink Ribbon Foundation is a grant making trust with a mission to fund projects and provide financial support to UK charities which relieve the needs of people who are suffering from, have been affected by breast cancer, or who work to advance the understanding of breast cancer and its early detection and treatment.

There are a large number of such charities in the UK, each as deserving as the next. Many of the charities supported are the smaller ones, which operate on a shoestring.

The Pink Ribbon Foundation has very little infrastructure.

It relies on the hard work given by Trustees, interested parties and its Patrons. This is done in order to maximise the amount, which goes to the charities that benefit from the funds raised.

Every year the Foundation invites charities in the UK to apply for a grant in order to help them continue their vital work or to fund one off projects. Some of the many charities who have benefitted from a grant from the Foundation include:


  • The Haven

  • Cancerkin

  • Action Against Breast Cancer

  • Farleigh Hospice

  • The Primrose Centre

  • Cancer Research UK

  • Macmillan Cancer Support

  • Helen Rollason Cancer Charity


A full list of over 150 charities who have received grants can be found on the Who we help page.

For many of these smaller charities, a grant from the Pink Ribbon Foundation can make a huge difference. It can provide a highly skilled programme of care, complimentary therapies, counselling for patients and their families, up-date communication materials, awareness programmes, lymphedema care, therapy sessions, specialist equipment extra nurses to care for breast cancer patients, vital research into this terrible disease and much more.

With finances getting tighter and charities struggling to cope with demand, there is always a huge pressure on the Foundation’s resources. Quite simply, the Pink Ribbon Foundation want to support as many individuals and charities as possible. We can only continue to do this with your help.

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Our Guiding Principles

Our contract with all the Foundations many supporters is also an important component of the way we operate. For many years it has tried to be different and as transparent as it possibly can.

It works to a series of guiding principles which are:

  • We will not sell your details on to any other organisation
  • We will never knock at your door asking for financial support
  • We will never annoy you in the streets
  • We will never send out requests and begging letters to you or to your company

However we will:

  • Thank you personally wherever possible for the financial or other help you have given us
  • We will give you friendly and accessible personal contact
  • Let you know where your money goes
  • Be transparent in our grant judging process and offer feedback if requested
  • Abide by the Charity Commission Rules

The Pink Ribbon Foundation has very little infrastructure. We work hard to keep our expenses to the minimum and wherever possible it relies on the hard work freely given by its many supporters. This is done in order to maximise the amount, which goes to the breast cancer orientated charities that benefit from the funds you have raised.

Patrons, ambassadors and celebrity supporters

The Pink Ribbon Foundation is fortunate to have a whole host of high profile individuals supporting the work of the Foundation and the fight against breast cancer. These individuals use their celebrity to raise much needed awareness and funds for our campaigns and events and we offer them our sincere thanks.



Celebrity Supporters


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Passionate about promoting health and wellbeing for men, the Blue Ribbon Foundation has 3 key objectives:

  • To raise awareness of male health issues
  • To encourage men to take positive action to safeguard their health and wellbeing, including encouraging men to visit their doctor more often
  • To use the Blue Ribbon as a ‘rallying banner’ to help bring about awareness, including encouraging other male health charities to adopt the Ribbon.

In short, The Blue Ribbon Foundation empowers men to take responsibility for their health, by providing positivity, passion and a push.  They also provide links to quality information and support, and encourage men to look after themselves better.


Some of the charities who we’ve helped

Please send us an e-mail, write or telephone to:

Jonathan Prince, Trustee. The Pink Ribbon Foundation.
Crofton House, 5 Morley Close, Orpington, Kent BR6 8JR

(t) 01689 858877 (e) enquiries@pinkribbonfoundation.org.uk.