CBD Capable of Blocking Aggressive Breast Cancer?

According to the Californian Pacific Medical Centre its research informs the latest thinking on CBD from hemp and cannabis is that it can slow down and perhaps even halt the progression of breast cancer, even in its later stages, by switching off a protein id -1 which causes that final and fatal step. This research was funded by the National Institutes of Health in the USA.

The magazine Cancer Active from which this article originates says it has previously covered research showing that the protein ld-1 is an inhibitor of transcription factors and a key regulator of breast cancer metastases. id-1 or ID-1, stands for Inhibitor of Differentiation/DNA binding.

It says that id proteins are over expressed in many cancers; for example, in pancreatic, prostate, neuroblastoma and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). It is known to have a number of roles but targeting id-1 results in decreased tumour growth and can even revere aggressive cancer.

The researchers have previously shown that CBD could inhibit breast cancer metastases in mice; In this research, which researchers described as a ‘breakthrough‘, they found that CBD inhibited id-1 and metastases in human breast cancer.

The researchers stated that invasion and metastases is the final and fatal step in cancer. And here they had shown that id-1 played a crucial role in that step. Now they have shown it could be inhibited successfully by CBD.

We understand that CBD or Hemp Oil is totally legal toady in the UK. This article is sourced from ICON Magazine Volume 11 Issue 3