The grant awarded to Tenovus by the Pink Ribbon Foundation, meant that they could take treatment and support closer to home for women in the South Wales Valleys who had developed lymphoedema as a direct result of breast cancer.  To develop the project, Tenovus used their Mobile Support Unit, treating over 250 women who had survived breast cancer. As a quarter of cancer patients live post-treatment with a long-term side effect from surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, the need for lymphoedema care to be provided where people live is extremely important.  All treatments are provided by NHS nurses with patients being referred to the Unit by NHS staff.  As well providing treatment, additional care is also given by way of debt, financial, welfare and medical advice, plus social and emotional support, with referrals given by Tenouvs to third party organisations with whom they have close links.  A grant from the Pink Ribbon Foundation, enables vital services such as this in the South Wales Valley to continue, which changes the lives of those affected by breast cancer and provides the much-needed care and support they need and deserve.


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