The Pink Ribbon Foundation provided vital financial support to littlelifts which is making a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of women and their families.

littlelifts are on a mission to help those who face chemotherapy as part of their treatment by providing them with a littlelifts ‘Comfort’ Box before or during their chemotherapy treatment. Each box is carefully hand packed and filled with useful items to help combat side effects, as well as lovely treats to help promote emotional wellbeing. Since the launch of their Comfort Boxes at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital they have provided over 420 women facing chemotherapy treatment for primary breast cancer with a littlelifts box as a result of a grant from the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

Comfort Boxes have a positive effect on a patient’s emotional well-being and makes a huge difference to the lives of women facing chemotherapy treatment for primary breast cancer –

Liz, from Norwich was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in March 2018. Before she started her chemotherapy treatment, she was given a Comfort Box by her Oncologist at the NNUH, here’s what she said: “I found listening to the very long list of side effects chemotherapy could cause very difficult. I felt like a lab experiment. What you can find out you can do on this journey is incredible and the littlelifts Box certainly helped with that. It helped me to get ready for action and it gave me a feeling of solidarity knowing that other women had trodden the same path before me and managed it.”

Rachel a Breast Care Nurse Specialist at James Paget University Hospital says: “The chemotherapy consent meeting is a heavy appointment with lots of information to take in. The Comfort Boxes are given to women at the right time because it provides them with support and comfort knowing that someone has been through it and wants to help them through it too. The Comfort Box has also been helpful to explain to children what mum is going to be going through.” littlelifts want to support many more women and their families during this difficult time and will continue to grow their hospital partnerships in order to fulfil this objective.