An Award Grant to The Rochdale Women’s Welfare Association

The Rochdale Women’s Welfare Association was delighted to receive a grant from the Pink Ribbon Foundation, to support their work within the local community.  The £4,000 award has supported the group in a range of ways and helped to host a one-day work-shop with bi-lingual support in Urdu and Sylheti, covering a range of topics to include how to reduce the risk of cancer, the importance of spotting cancer early and the support services available – the 14 women who attended this course will become ‘support champions’ and will help women within the local community.  Earlier this year, the group also hosted a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness event, which was attended by 84 women.  The day included workshops and information on breast screening and the importance of regular self-checking and women spoke candidly about their own experiences. There was also a presentation by Jane Cook the breast screening programme office manager at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and her colleagues.  It was a very emotional day and hugely beneficial as it was also delivered in bi-lingual language by staff members in order for all the women attending to understand, as there are significant disparities in breast cancer screening and mortality rates among racial/ethnic minorities.

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