An Award Grant to Maggie’s at the Cancerkin Centre

Lymphoedema is an often forgotten but serious side effect of breast cancer treatment. The condition is debilitating and a constant reminder of the trauma of going through cancer treatment. Women with lymphoedema face continued suffering through the swelling of their arm/s, which can stop them completing some of the most basic tasks. It can dramatically reduce patients’ quality of life and leave them feeling self-conscious about their body image and appearance.

Maggie’s at the Cancerkin Centre were incredibly grateful to the Pink Ribbon Foundation for the generous donation of £4,332 which enabled them to provide care for women across London with breast cancer related lymphoedema as well as access to a range of extra emotional and psychological support.

Unfortunately, treatment for lymphoedema on the NHS is patchy as it is labour intensive and therefore costly to run. Maggie’s at the Cancerkin Centre receives no government funding so it is only through the generosity of funders such as the Pink Ribbon Foundation that they are able to provide treatment to all, free of charge.

Visitors to the clinic often go on to access the full programme of support offered at Maggie’s at the Cancerkin Centre. This includes classes such as Tai Chi and Pilates, other complementary therapies and social and emotional support such as 1:1 counselling and peer support group.

The grant from the Pink Ribbon Foundation has had a positive impact on recent visitors to the Lymphoedema clinic at Maggie’s at the Cancerkin Centre, here is what they had to say:

“I feel so looked after. It helped me alleviate the physical problem [of the swelling] but most important for me is the mental support and the sense that I am not alone.”

“At last I felt that people understood how difficult it is to live with lymphoedema.”

“The therapy helps the swelling go down so that I can do everyday things that I haven’t done for years.”

Please keep supporting the Pink Ribbon Foundation, so that we can support charities and vital services such as this.  Thank you!