Streamlining Chemotherapy Doses Will Reduce Waiting Times For Chemotherapy Treatment

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has been collaborating with NHS England on a project called the Chemotherapy Dose Standardisation initiative.

In the past, intravenous chemotherapy drug doses have been calculated for individual patients based on weight or body surface area (BSA). Making up the chemotherapy individually for each person takes a lot of time and means that people have to wait while the pharmacist makes up their chemotherapy drugs. Hospitals are now moving to a dose banding approach. This means that calculated doses are grouped together into a set of dose bands. So the chemotherapy can be made up beforehand and stored in the pharmacy. This means that people won’t have to wait so long at each appointment for their cancer drug to be made up. It should streamline the service that patients how well the treatment works, and doesn’t increase side effects.

This initiative should give a range of other benefits for hospital trusts, including:
•            the availability of ready-made doses
•            reduced wastage of cancer drugs
•            a more efficient process in buying and storing the drugs

To read more about this collaboration please click here. You can find out about NICE here or chemotherapy by clicking this link