Reflexology – What Can It Do For Me?

Many cancer patients show some or high levels of anxiety during cancer treatments, which can influence their pain perception, disturb their sleep patterns and enhance nausea.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that patients receiving complementary therapies cope better with their illness, cope better with their treatment and feel better supported.  Many cancer charities offer the services of trained therapists and offer many complementary therapies.

Reflexology is one of the complementary treatments often offered to breast cancer patients to help them with their cancer journey.  Reflexology is a special type of massage, which involves pressure being applied to your feet or hands.  It is believed that having your hands or feet pressed and massaged in a systematic way stimulates the corresponding organs in your body.  This can unblock your body’s energy pathways and ‘restore balance’.

Pressing these areas is also thought to start the healing process and a sharp tender feeling can indicate that an area of your body is our of balance.  Although these is no scientific evidence, some people claim that reflexology helps them to feel relaxed and able to cope with stress and anxiety.  helps to relieve pain, lifts their mood and helps create a feeling of well being.  Boost their immune system and can reduce nerve tingling and numbness form cancer drugs.

Generally, reflexology doesn’t cause many side effects although you may feel a little bit light headed after treatment and occasionally people report having tender feet.

Source: Helen Rollason Cancer Charity