North Staffs Battalion Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association

A massive thank you to the North Staffs Battalion Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association for their wonderful donation of £200!

The North Staff Battalion B.B./GA have a camp each year in August when young people from around the area spend a week together along with their officers having fun, getting to know each other and learning more about Christianity.

As is custom, they decide on a charity to raise money for during the course of the week and in 2017 they decided to support a breast cancer charity since the daughter of one of their ex-officers was found to be suffering from the disease and needed a mastectomy.

The camp at Kirkham near Blackpool was attended by 20 young people aged between 11yrs and 18yrs and 20 officers (18yrs + ) and the money was raised mainly through a very popular tuck shop, where people bought their sweets, drinks and chocolate and were gently encouraged to put their change (or some of it) into the collecting tin. Many of the youngsters put their own donations in too.

The result was a very generous £200 donation to the Pink Ribbon Foundation which will be put to good use and help others suffering from the disease.