Here is the recording of BIG BRA FITTING BRAINSTORMING with Ms Pomelo , Leah of LoveLeah and Retha Welding of SE1 Physio. As one of the attendees puts it, these are important life skills and “anything that can help avoid damage and therefore pain in later life to a girl’s shoulders, neck and spine is to be yelled from the rooftops”.

What we covered during the discussion:

  • considerations that go into making a big bra
  • 3 pillars of bra fit and how to make sure your big bra fits every time
  • what features should a quality big bra have and how to recognise one
  • health dangers of ill-fitting bras and how to avoid them
  • styles that work for bigger busts
  • how often should we buy a new bra
  • and more…

Click on the link and enjoy the recording: