Enterprise Risk Management team at Arthur J. Gallagher skydive to fight breast cancer

On the 20 May 2017 Aimilia, Alice, Justin and Sam who are part of the Enterprise Risk Management team at Arthur J. Gallagher, took on the challenge of a skydive to raise money for the Pink Ribbon Foundation. Like too many people, each of them has personal experience of breast cancer and so they were emotionally invested in raising as much money as they could to fight the disease and help those going through it. The team are hoping to raise £1,500 and Arthur J. Gallagher will match the money raised by the team up to £700 per person, meaning even more potential to help our great cause – money is still coming in and we hope to have a final total raised shortly.

The sun was shining as they all jumped 13,500ft together – the feeling of falling only lasted a couple of seconds as they tumbled out of the plane, after that it felt like being stationary with a super-fast gust of wind blowing towards them. Here is what they had to say about their experience:

Alice: My dive went straight through a cloud and as I popped out the bottom I could finally see the ground coming toward me. When the instructor pulled the chute it was less violent than I expected, and suddenly I was just hanging weightless, perfectly peaceful and feeling like we weren’t descending at all.  I was the last person to land and when I did the smiles on everyone’s faces said it all. We were all so thrilled and felt a massive sense of achievement. I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud and I’d definitely do it again!

Justin: Wow – what a fantastic experience and all in aid of an extremely worthy cause. Having watched the subsequent recording, I am not at all surprised that my first words on landing were “Again, again, again!”

Aimilia: I am so thankful to all those who donated, we never once forgot why we were doing it and who we were doing it for. After months of nerves, excitement and fundraising, I’m so glad we were able to end our experience altogether as a team. This is a memory that will stay with me for a lifetime.

Sam: My nerves almost got the better of me when we were waiting for our names to be called, but as soon as we were in the plane my shaking hands and terrified expression turned into the biggest smile and two thumbs up. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done and doing it for charity makes it even better. Well done team – we did it!