Non-Lump Breast Cancers…..November 2016

Most of us probably think that a lump is the main or only sign of breast cancer. But, researchers from University College London, reported by the BBC,  say women need to be aware of other warning signs – such as nipple changes – so that they get help fast.

The researchers examined the symptoms of 2,300 women who had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. They found that women with non-lump symptoms were more likely to delay visiting their doctor.
Swellings in the armpit or an infection of the breast tissue should be checked out, they say. So too should nipple changes – rashes, bleeding or discharge – and any sores on the skin of the breasts.

Dr Karen Kennedy, director of the National Cancer Research Institute, said: “This research shows that, all too often, women are delaying going to their doctor with symptoms of breast cancer.    “This could be because people are simply unaware that breast cancer can present in many different ways, not just through the presence of a lump.   “With a disease like breast cancer, it’s essential to be diagnosed as early as possible so that a treatment plan can be developed and started.”    Don’t forget to check yourself and make sure you spread the message to friends and family.

Checking your breasts regularly can be vital to an early diagnosis of breast cancer, which can significantly increase your chances of survival. Men are also at risk so it is important for both sexes to be vigilant.

Signs and symptoms to look for:

•    Lumping or thickening of the breast tissue

•    Constant pain of the breast or armpit

•    One breast becoming bigger in size compared to the other

•    Puckering or dimpling of the skin

•    Nipples changing size, position or becoming inverted (turned inside)

•    Nipples developing a rash, crusting or producing discharge (bodily fluid)

•    Swelling that appears under the armpit or around the collarbone

If you have any symptoms go to your GP. To read more about this story please visit the BBC