New way of testing drugs could speed up breast cancer treatment……. September 2016

Scientist have found new ways of testing hundreds of cancer drugs very quickly which could cut the amount of time it takes to make them available to patients.
Researchers have found that by growing human tumour cells in mice before taking the cells out to run further test in laboratories the cells more accurately mimic those found in a person’s body.

Previously cells have been on plastic dishes and then transferred into mice however this often shows artificial and limited results as cells grow in the body in a much more complicated way. By changing testing methods Cancer Research UK will not only be able to reduce the number of mice used within testing but also make drug testing more efficient and accurate.

Nell Barrie, Cancer Research UK’s senior science information manager, said: “Finding new ways to test potential drugs more accurately and efficiently is really important in the fight against cancer. Studies like this could help us find new treatments more quickly and might also help identify the best combinations of drugs for particular groups of patients, ensuring more people survive the disease.”

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