Marina Ranger and Lujca Leonard run #500Kin5days in Runderwear

Imagine running over two marathons per day continuously for five days.  Marina and Lucja did just that and ran 500Km in just five days in only their pink running underwear across the length of the Netherlands in July to raise money and awareness for the Pink Ribbon Foundation!  The two friends met doing their first multi stage ultra marathon in the Kalahari desert and then went on to travel around the world together taking part in ultra marathons. Having done plenty of races together, they decided it was about time they organised their own challenge. Marina planted the seed in Lucja’s mind of organising a challenge and she came up with the idea to run across the Netherlands in just pink Runderwear. The plan was to follow the Pieterpad Trail which runs from the north to the south of the country covering 500km. We are amazed by their achievement and truly grateful that they decided to take us on their journey with them.  To date they have raised over £7,600 to support our vital work and it’s not too late to support them. To read more about their incredible journey please go to: