Cancer clinical trials to be streamlined to bring new treatments to UK patients sooner

Earlier this week saw an agreement signed between UK cancer clinical trial centers making new clinical trials easier and more efficient to set up.

The Experimental Cancer Medical Centre (ECMC) collaboration agreement will improve the UK’s ability to carry out early phase trials, boosting research to bring new treatments to patients sooner. The UK currently faces delays in starting clinical trials due to how they are set up in each centre. However under the new guidelines all 18 ECMC centres who have signed the agreement will work to the same way and to the same standards.

It is hoped that the new agreement will make the UK more attractive to international research and pharmaceutical companies to bring the latest cancer treatments to UK patients sooner.

Sir Harpal Kumar, Cancer Research UK’s chief executive, said: “We’re delighted that our ECMC Network is continuing to help cancer patients around the country benefit from world-leading research taking place here in the UK. This initiative will ultimately help potentially life-saving drugs reach cancer patients sooner by accelerating the first step of clinical research.”

To read more about the clinical trial agreement in the UK visit Cancer Research UK and ECMC