The Breast Cancer Cookbook

The Breast Cancer cookbook, written by Professor Mohammed Keshtgar, a Consultant Breast Care Specialist at the Royal Free Hospital, is a vibrant and colourful book written to help support the diet and lifestyle of patients going through breast cancer. Professor Keshtgar and his team have looked at breast cancer risks, the treatment of breast cancer and how all of these factors are influenced or controlled by diet and lifestyle.

Chemotherapy is one of the key factors mentioned in the introductory section which may have a big impact on appetite and wellbeing yet by eating tasty and nutritious meals this can help counter balance the side effects of the treatment. As some patients who go through chemotherapy experience a change in their taste buds the book advises eating strongly flavoured foods to balance out this side effect. Throughout his career and research Professor Keshtgar has become increasingly convinced that diet and lifestyle are contributing factors to the development of cancer.

There are four main aspects which the book is based on: balance your diet, move more, stay in shape and finally enjoy your food.  Working with Emily Jonzen, London based food stylist and cookery writer, they have designed food to help keep people in tip top condition with new recipes as well as reinventing the old classics such as a speedy spelt flour pizzas and a delicious looking chocolate mousse with dates and avocado.

The book can be found at all major book shops or online for a RRP of £20.