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LessBounce - logoIt has been proven that a healthy diet and exercise can reduce the onset of breast cancer by up to a third ….
and so to the importance of wearing a sports bra!

New research has shown up to 70% of women experience breast pain when exercising. This is due to the displacement of the breasts, which in addition to the discomfort can cause embarrassment. Breast motion is hard to reduce, as the breast does not contain strong intrinsic structural support. The primary supporting structures in the breasts are the Coopers’ Ligaments. With secondary support only from the skin, these can easily be stretched if repeatedly loaded, as occurs during physical exercise. This can cause the breast to sag. It is therefore important to reduce breast movement to limit breast pain and irreversible stretch of the Coopers’ Ligaments.

There is a growing body of research, and much improved sports bra designs as a result – so there should be no problem finding a suitable sports bra for whatever type of exercise you want to take part in, whatever size you are! stock the widest range of sports bras in the world and are also the company behind the hugely popular and successful annual ‘Pink Aerobics’ which this year has become Blue & Pink Aerobics in aid of the Pink and Blue Ribbon Foundations.

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