About Us. What We Do.

The Foundation is impartial and is committed to bringing together individuals, charities and organisations to fight this terrible disease together. Every year the Foundation invites charities concerned with breast cancer to apply for grants from the money raised. Operating in this way allows the Foundation to help charities both large and small – many of the small organisations rely on donations such as these to keep them going. We intend to continue to do this.

Any charity concerned with Breast Cancer is entitled to apply for a grant.

Some Examples of what the grants have been used for:

The Mid-Kent BC Research Appeal:  The Mid-Kent BC Research Appeal was given grants to help supply equipment such as a Digital Faxatron for use in the operation theatre.  This means that the pathologist will be able to analyse tissue in the operating theatre.  This will save valuable time.

Newmarket Breast Cancer Support Group: Newmarket Breast Cancer Support Group is a local organisation supporting women diagnosed with breast cancer.  The grant will help it provide support services including aromatherapy and reflexology as well as regular speakers and financial support in the purchase of wigs and mastectomy wear.

The Cancer Resource Centre: The Cancer Resource Centre was given a grant to provide individuals with a ‘personalised’ support package of massage, reflexology, spiritual healing, counselling, hypnotherapy, yoga and meditation.  These packages are developed for them depending on what suits their individual needs by various therapists form the different disciplines.

Marie Curie Cancer Care: Marie Curie Cancer Care was given grants towards the cost of caring for patients with breast cancer in their own homes at the end of their life.

Royal Marsden: The Royal Marsden were given a grant to help towards equipping the new breast cancer diagnostic centre on its site which will allow rapid diagnosis of not only suspected breast cancer, but also prostate and lymph cancer.

Macmillan Cancer Relief: Macmillan Cancer Relief has been supported with grants. that goes to help meet some of the extra costs that breast cancer can bring to families on tight incomes. 

Rotherham Breast Cancer Support Group: Rotherham Breast Cancer Support Group was given a grant to fund new premises so they can increase support by offering a one stop venue with a daily drop-in advice centre.  This will be new in their area and very much in demand.

Primrose Foundation: Primrose Foundation has taken an old abandoned chapel on the site of The Princess Royal Hospital and is turning it into a state of the art breast cancer centre.  The grant will help towards the conversion of the chapel giving local people a marvellous asset.

Positive Action on Cancer: Positive Action on Cancer provides free support to all breast cancer sufferers in the Bath, Frome & Warminster areas.  One grant has funded a part-time counsellor.  The other has helped fund part-time counsellors as the charity is inundated with applications for help.

Cancer Counselling Trust: Our grant enabled the Cancer Counselling Trust to offer free counselling sessions to support clients facing breast cancer some of which are terminal.